Why it is important for men to take part in the upbringing of children: expert opinion

Many men still try to distance themselves from their parental responsibilities, shifting them to their mother.

  • Why should a man take an active part in education?
  • family model
  • Nervous system

Sometimes they explain this by saying that they are too busy earning a living.

However, even in families where a woman provides for the family on an equal basis with a man, the situation develops in a similar way. However, not all fathers understand that their behavior primarily negatively affects the child.

Why should a man take an active part in education?

family model

First of all, experts note that this contributes to the formation of a correct idea of ​​the family. If only a woman is engaged in upbringing, then children will experience difficulties in building relationships in the future. Problems can also arise with the family, because the children did not have an adequate example before their eyes.

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Nervous system

Experts note that children who grow up with little or no involvement of men are more likely than others to face problems of the nervous system.

Such children grow up nervous, anxious and depressive.

Therefore, fathers should definitely devote more time to communicating with children, and not be limited to earning money.

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