What to do if the child wants to eat only pasta: a little trick will make the baby’s favorite dish tasty and healthy

Perhaps every second child answers the question “What is your favorite dish?” Without hesitation, answers: “Pasta!”.

The reason for such devoted love is simple – children have a biological predisposition to soft carbohydrate foods.

However, parents whose children choose such a “mono-diet” over and over again are worried that such a diet will not harm their health.

Despite the fact that there is nothing wrong with pasta (if they are made from durum wheat), they are simply not able to provide all the substances needed for a growing body.

Child with a plate
Photo: Pixabay

How to correct the current situation?

It turns out that everything is simpler than you could imagine – just remember that pasta is a side dish, not an independent dish.

If the baby is categorically against extraneous “elements” in the plate, a blender and a little imagination will come to the rescue.

Throw vegetables and meat into the blender bowl and make a delicious, and most importantly, healthy sauce from them, which a little gourmet will surely like.

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