What are the dangers of sweets for children: the opinion of doctors

It is hard not to notice a child’s interest in sweets, because children are extremely attached to this kind of food.

  • How dangerous is such a habit?
  • Excess weight
  • Diabetes
  • General health

Some parents see nothing wrong with this.

On the contrary, “caring” mom and dad almost every day buy their kids various harmful products, because they cannot refuse them.

How dangerous is such a habit?

Excess weight

Experts note that the percentage of overweight babies is growing among children. The problem sometimes comes to obesity in different stages.

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It is important to remember that at such an early age the problem of obesity is the result of the wrong approach to nutrition on the part of parents.

Therefore, at least you need to reduce the amount of sweets.


If from an early age “feed” a child with sweets, then the risk of diabetes increases several times. Therefore, you need to look for healthy and tasty alternatives to unhealthy desserts.

It is important to understand that childhood diabetes is not curable.

General health

It is logical to assume that excess sugar in the first place has a devastating effect on the oral cavity. Sweets also make bones more fragile.

Not everyone knows that sugar interferes with the normal absorption of other chemicals in the diet. As a result, the overall health of the child becomes noticeably worse.

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