What are the 3 mistakes in parenting most often made by modern parents, experts said

Each generation has its own approach to education.

  • 1. Lack of minimal knowledge about developmental psychology and pedagogy.
  • 2. Perfectionism.
  • 3. Lack of attention.

It is also impossible to avoid mistakes in this responsible process.

Experts managed to find out what shortcomings are most often made by modern parents.

Pay attention to the following points:

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1. Lack of minimal knowledge about developmental psychology and pedagogy.

If adults are not ready for the birth of children and upbringing, then it is difficult to competently organize this process. Not only mothers need to read specialized literature and improve their skills: men should take a full part in education.

Therefore, try to develop and master the scientific approach.

2. Perfectionism.

Many modern parents are accustomed to living by the principle of “all or nothing”, so they strive to achieve an ideal result in everything.

However, a child is not a project that needs to impress friends and acquaintances. Children don’t have to be perfect. Their task is to gain knowledge and experience.

Therefore, parents should be mentors who will help the child improve their talents.

3. Lack of attention.

Some moms get distracted by social media and phone calls while walking. In the evening, the whole family surfs the Net or watches movies.

And kids need to spend time with their parents. Just being physically close is good. However, it is better to participate in some joint activities and games.

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