What 4 phrases are strictly forbidden to say to a child when he cries: but parents still say them

Mom and dad may react differently to the crying of their child.

  • “Stop crying!”
  • “You disgrace me!”
  • “If you keep crying, then…”
  • “But this boy does not cry!”

In some cases, parents will sympathize with the baby, in others they will become annoyed.

However, regardless of what emotions mother and father experience, for them to see a crying child is a big stress.

At this point, the main thing is not to say too much, so as not to worsen an already difficult situation.

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Listed below are four phrases that a crying baby can hear very upset or scared.

“Stop crying!”

There is no need to demand from the child that he immediately stop shedding tears.

The kid for some reason shows strong emotions. And if he forces himself to stop crying, then the source of the experience is unlikely to disappear.

The boy or girl will begin to repress emotions. And this can have a negative impact on the condition of the child.

“You disgrace me!”

No need to put pressure on the child’s guilt. The child should not think that his problem does not matter, and with his tears he only makes the parent feel bad.

A boy or girl should not get the impression that the situation of other people is more important than his own difficulties.

If this is not prevented, then the child may develop complexes and other psychological problems.

“If you keep crying, then…”

A crying child should never be scared. Do not tell your baby that you will leave him in the store or “give” him to “that aunt over there.”

Such threats can make your offspring more shy and withdrawn.

“But this boy does not cry!”

It is dangerous to tell a child that his brother / friend / classmate in kindergarten is better just because he does not show emotions.

Such statements are unlikely to make the baby more obedient. But they can lead to a serious drop in self-esteem in a son or daughter.

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