What 3 parental attitudes are in vain instilled in children: expert opinion

The role of upbringing plays an even greater role in the formation of personality than we sometimes think.

  • What settings should be abandoned?
  • You must be the best in everything
  • No one should show their weakness
  • Everyone needs to be friends

Therefore, it is extremely important to give children the right attitudes, as they can harm the child.

What settings should be abandoned?

You must be the best in everything

Of course, parents want their children to be the best in everything. This allows adults to feel a sense of pride in their heirs.

Also, success allows us to hope that the child will become even more talented in the future. So what could be wrong with such a setup? The child will always strive for an unattainable ideal, setting impossible goals and tasks for himself. As a result, you can spend your whole life trying to do the impossible.

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But their forces could be directed in a more positive direction.

No one should show their weakness

Many cultivate the image of a strong person who cannot be frightened or pissed off by anything. However, everyone can and should experience emotions.

If you constantly hide your feelings, then this will not lead to anything good, experts say.

Everyone needs to be friends

The ability to negotiate and build social ties is extremely important. We learn these qualities at an early age. However, you should not force the child to literally be friends with everyone.

Adults impose such a line of behavior so that the child learns to benefit from such connections. But it is better to teach the child other things. Let the children choose their own friends instead of trying to please and please everyone.

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