These tips will help you become a friend to your teen

Relationships with children is a complex topic that worries every parent. How to properly communicate with a child?

  • With me you are safe
  • I’m always ready to give you attention
  • Nobody will do it for me
  • Let’s play
  • We’re the same blood

Advice from professional psychologists.

With me you are safe

If the child is hungry, you will not even wait for a signal from him about it. You will prepare something tasty in advance so that when the baby gets hungry, you can immediately feed him. The same principle applies to the child’s need to talk to you and get support.

How often has your little one come to you wanting to just be there for you? In such cases, it is strictly forbidden to react to his outbursts with irritation: “Can’t you see that I’m busy?”, “I’m not up to you,” etc. Give your child some time, listen to him or spend an evening together so that he can understand He is truly safe with you.

These tips will help you become a friend to your teen

I’m always ready to give you attention

If you give your child attention only when he asks for it, it will make the baby insecure.

Spoil your child often with hugs, smiles, and conversations. Show him that you are ready to listen and truly understand. Your compassion for what he wants to share with you should in no way seem artificial. Let the little person know for sure that he is a part of your life and a full-fledged member of the family.

Nobody will do it for me

You are responsible for establishing contact with your child. Apply all life experience and wisdom so that the child can open up to you and at the same time feel comfortable. Do not shout and put pressure on him, create a calm and trusting atmosphere for the baby.

Let’s play

The adult and measured world of the parent often does not accept the game as an effective way. But it is she who can have a positive impact on your relationship with your child.

It is not necessary to spend time at Monopoly or buy all the toys in the store. The game in this case implies the need to convey to the child your ability to be on the same wavelength with him.
Is he interested in fashion apps? Interested in dancing or singing? Show him that you can sing too, or tell him about your youthful hobbies.

We’re the same blood

In order for the child to understand that you can be trusted in such a difficult period as puberty, you must show your similarity. We were all once children and then teenagers. Everyone faced the first love, the choice of a life path and self-acceptance.

Don’t get angry or scold your child if your views don’t match. Show wisdom in confronting youthful maximalism and an emerging worldview. And, of course, you should not impose your values ​​​​on him – be an assistant, but let him figure out his tastes and views on his own.

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