The expert explained why in the photo mothers cover the faces of children with emojis

Despite the fact that modern mothers are already significantly different even from mothers of the previous generation – after all, they have at their disposal an infinite number of material and psychological forms and methods designed to most effectively help in raising a child, some firmly rooted folk scenarios associated with newborns and infants up to a year still occupy a strong place in the system of interaction “mother-child-society”.

A huge number of young women, especially when it comes to the first or long-awaited child, often unwittingly become hostages of various unfounded superstitions, which still abound today, despite high technology and incredible social progress.

An expert from the BelNovosti news portal tells more about this. Tatiana Ioannou.

Starting from determining the sex of the child, choosing a name, month and birthday, and ending with a set of everyday features – a sign that promises joy or misfortune can be found on everything. Moreover, even if, before pregnancy and childbirth, a woman carelessly brushed aside superstitious friends and relatives, then often the moment of realizing herself as a mother changes a lot, and now no one can be told who should be born, when, and what the new person will be called. And after childbirth, a whole list of things appears that should never be done, otherwise the baby may suffer from this in some way.

The expert explained why in the photo mothers cover their children's faces with emojis

One of the most tenacious superstitions says: a newborn should not be shown to anyone, except for the closest family members, otherwise someone will certainly jinx the baby. This does not take into account the fact that in the maternity hospital a sufficient number of people have already seen and touched the baby. The same applies to visits to a polyclinic or a visiting nurse. There is an opinion among some religious people that before reaching forty days, the child’s contacts should be as limited as possible.

But, essentially, it has nothing to do with the church. The priests only say that after forty days the baby should be brought to church for churching and special prayers, no one forbids presenting the newborn to those who wish. It is all the more interesting to observe how this superstition, in accordance with universal progress, has been transformed into something new.

There are practically no people left who would not have a profile in one of the social networks, or even in several at once. Representatives of the weaker sex especially love to post numerous photos for everyone to see, where they are taken from the best angles. Thus, girls and women create a new unique perception of themselves for their environment and potential subscribers. It is no secret that the network profile is intended mainly to demonstrate the success of the owner, the improvement of her personal data, all kinds of growth in status and material wealth.

A profile on a social network is created in order to draw attention to your person and, of course, for feedback in the form of likes and comments. All this fills the lives of ordinary women with new meanings, makes them feel more attractive and self-confident. It doesn’t matter that outside of photography life continues as it is.

It is important to show everyone that this life has developed more successfully for a particular person than for others. In general, all the important moments of life, indicating success and self-realization, are laid out in the profile. Of course, this also applies to the birth of children. And here social progress and virtual extraversion come into conflict with folk signs and superstitions. How to show everyone that a woman has become the mother of the best child in the world, if you can’t show it? Don’t post pictures at all?

But how then will people know, and she will receive approval for the correctness of her life choice? In addition, a young mother is faced with many new tasks and problems, she gets tired, does not get enough sleep and does not eat up, the child absorbs all her time, she no longer has time to take care of herself, and here the social network profile acts as a kind of bridge between real life and desired.

The photos will not show chronic fatigue and disorder. Users will see a charming new mother, a woman without the usual daily worries, a mother of a new level. But if you are photographed alone, then how to prove that she is a mother? And if with a child, how to protect from the notorious evil eye? Then emoji or emoticons come to the rescue, which are superimposed on the baby’s face.

Thus, all conditions are met: a new status is demonstrated to the world, and the child is reliably protected from rumors, gossip or envy. Such photographs look somewhat strange and often cause ridicule of others. There are a lot of memes on this topic on the net, but, nevertheless, this does not stop superstitious moms wanting attention, which they obviously lack in real life.

Needless to say, signs and superstitions have no place in modern society, if only because sometimes they can significantly limit us, forcing us to give up the opportunity to use our personal space in the way we ourselves would like.

And, if current trends impose on us the massive use of social networks as one of the conditions for self-realization, we should not forget that society will discuss us anyway. Neither retouching nor a staged picture guarantees the desired or adequate reaction of the townsfolk.

Photo: Pixabay

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