The 5 Most Ineffective Ways to Raise a Child

When raising a child, parents need to be as calm and kind as possible.

  • screams
  • Anger
  • controversy
  • plea
  • Belt

Negative emotions only hinder the achievement of the desired goals.

Love for the baby, confidential conversations, nice words, gifts, gratitude – all this increases the chances that a boy or girl will grow up to be a happy person.

But the following methods of education can lead to the fact that the child will no longer trust his parents and will no longer obey them.

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Yelling at a baby is stupid and pointless. A small child will only get scared and start crying even more.

A teenager is unlikely to take the cries of his parents seriously. Therefore, in any case, the result will not be achieved.


In a conversation with a child, do not show anger and irritation.

The kid should not see that the parents who are trying to educate him cannot calm down in any way.


In most cases, arguing with a child is useless. If the kid ignores your arguments, then he is unlikely to change his behavior, even if you continue to prove something to him. Better to be smarter.

In addition, arguments often turn into screams, and this should also be avoided.


Never beg your son or daughter to do something.

Otherwise, the child will surely feel superior to his parents. And this is very dangerous.


No matter how naughty a child is, you can’t beat him.

This method of “education” makes children even more obstinate, angry and distrustful.

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