Psychologists explained why it is impossible to spank a child as a punishment

Psychology and pedagogy are dynamic sciences that are constantly evolving and improving, so many of the “grandfather” methods no longer work.

Some particularly controversial methods were criticized and excluded from practice altogether.

We are talking about the use of physical violence for educational purposes. It should be understood that for a small child who is several times smaller than you, even an innocent slap on the buttocks is perceived as violence.

Psychologists explained why you should give up spanking in my regular practice:


1. Bad example.

The child will see that the use of violence as an argument is the norm, so in adult life he will prove his case in exactly the same way.

When parents raise their hand for a slap, they sign their own impotence to convey their position.

2. No effect.

The child will be afraid of you, so in your presence he will not do what he was punished for. However, he does not like what is happening, so expect “surprises” in the future.

Children begin to behave more secretly and become withdrawn. Adolescence will be especially problematic.

3. Psychological trauma.

The child must be confident that his body is inviolable: if mom and dad allow themselves to slap on the buttocks, rudely invading personal space, then what can we say about the rest.

Among other things, during the impact, the child feels humiliated, which is a poor basis for development.

4. To love from this will not become stronger.

If you want your child to love and respect you, then show him the right example: education should take place only through conversations and conversations.

When parents raise their hand against their children, they can only achieve fear.

5. Immoral.

All progressive methods and specialists in the field of psychology and pedagogy have long abandoned slaps, cuffs and other blows. This is a humiliation of the personality and dignity of the child, which significantly slows down the process of his formation as an adult.

Parents should try to help their children grow up properly, so they need to read a lot of specialized literature and consult with child psychologists.

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