Psychologist Evgenia Zarubina told how to help a child cope with stress: tips

Stress is a state of tension that occurs as a result of the influence of various physical or psychological factors on a person.

Psychologist Evgenia Zarubina told how to help a child cope with stress: tips.

Did you know that stress is with us from birth? When a child is born, he is already under stress. First, the passage through the birth canal, then the first breath and the opening of the lungs.

Then touch reboot. Everything becomes different (lighter, louder, colder).

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Therefore, the so-called “golden hour” after childbirth is so important. Skin-to-skin contact helps to calm the baby and reduce stress levels.

In modern maternity hospitals, the joint stay of mother and child is practiced from the first hours of a newborn’s life.

Mother’s voice and smell are familiar to the child from the womb, and this helps him to get out of the state of birth stress earlier.

It follows that children begin to experience stress at a very very early age and it is necessary NOT to ignore the problems of the child, even if they seem insignificant to you. And it won’t go away on its own.

Parents and / or other adults need to maintain and increase a favorable, positive, loving atmosphere in the family. You need to show your child that he is not alone. He is heard and understood.

It should be explained to the baby that our life is like a “zebra” and the black stripe will definitely be replaced by white.

A friendly atmosphere will stabilize and ground the child, give him confidence and reliability. Try to play with your child. Play with him a traumatic situation with him.

Ask how the hero from his favorite cartoon would act in this situation. Who can come to his aid and what needs to be done so that the situation is positively resolved.

Teach your child not to be ashamed of their emotions. (Yes, men cry too) and living them in a socially acceptable way.

As a rule, in order to cope with stress, the child tries to use up the excess of released hormones. He starts running, jumping, listening to loud music, screaming, etc.

You don’t need to stop him. “Well, sit down and calm down!” Such a method will only cause an additional intensity of passions. Transform his energy into a positive direction.

If you understand that the child is not coping and your help is not enough. Contact the experts.

The child must understand and know that all difficulties and problems can be solved. And his close people will always come to his aid. Love your children, and remember that love is the best defense against stress.

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