“Nothing happened”: why parents should not say this phrase to their child

Many parents are sure that their mood is not transmitted to children in any way. But this is a misconception.

  • What is the danger of the phrase “Nothing happened”
  • What parents should do

Any child immediately feels that the mood of mom or dad has worsened.

Even if the baby continues to maintain external calm, inside he begins to worry.

In such a situation, the child may approach the parent and directly ask, “Did something happen?”

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Usually mothers and fathers, who do not want to upset the child, answer: “Nothing happened.” And this is a gross mistake.

What is the danger of the phrase “Nothing happened”

The child sees that his parents have become sad for some reason.

He understands that something has happened. The kid wants an answer, but they do not want to reveal the true causes of sadness to him.

The unknown is known to be scary. A boy or girl begins to worry even more in a similar situation.

What parents should do

In order not to drive the child into an even more stressful state, you need to admit that for some reason you feel sad.

A good answer would be: “I’m a little upset (upset) because … Let’s play so that we have more fun”

It is not necessary to reveal all the circumstances of what happened. You can keep silent about something if you are afraid to upset the baby. But the very fact of the existence of problems must be recognized. And it is desirable to distract the baby with a game, a walk, treats or something else.

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