How to properly criticize a child: do not say this “harmless” word

Child misbehavior should not be ignored.

Parents should make it clear to the baby: his act is wrong.

Criticism is welcome. But she must be fair.

It is not the child himself that should be criticized, but the actions he has committed.

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What word should not be spoken when criticizing a child

Explaining to the baby the inadmissibility of this or that action, moms and dads should not use the pronoun “you”.

It would seem, why is this harmless word bad?

The problem is that when using this pronoun, parents begin to criticize the baby, and not his behavior.

It is very dangerous. The child may come to the conclusion that it is he who is considered bad, and his actions are just an excuse to once again present him with a claim.

Agree that the phrase “This action is bad” sounds better than “You are bad.”

And instead of the phrase “You insulted us with your act!” it is better to say: “This is an unworthy act.”

In this case, the kid will not take criticism to heart and will certainly demonstrate a willingness to correct his behavior.

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