How to make slime with your own hands: a safe sticky toy recipe

Slimes have long and probably firmly gained popularity among the younger generation.

You can buy a toffee almost on every corner, but, you see, making a toy with your own hands is much more fun.

There are tons of slime recipes on the internet. One of them we offer you today.

What is important: in this cooking instruction, you will only stumble upon all the familiar ingredients that you do not have to specifically go to the store for.

Photo: Pixabay

And the process itself will not take much time, and playing with such a homemade slime will bring a lot of pleasure not only to the child, but also to the rest of the family.

So, all you need is to stock up on an equal amount of liquid soap and toothpaste and mix the named components properly in a container suitable for this.

After that, take the container with the future slime to the refrigerator and leave it here for a day.

Now the slime is considered ready. It should be stored in the same refrigerator and not used after three weeks have passed from the date of preparation.

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