Do not do this if the baby is crying: a common mistake of parents

It becomes psychologically difficult for any parent when their child, for some reason, begins to shed tears.

  • What many parents do wrong
  • Another common mistake

I want to stop crying as soon as possible.

You can try to cheer up the baby or distract him in some other way.

Sometimes it makes sense to leave a crying child alone altogether. The child will cry alone, and then he will surely calm down.

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But there are measures that cannot be taken if a boy or girl is crying.

What many parents do wrong

Some mothers and fathers are lost: they do not know how to calm the baby. As a result, they begin to scream at the child, hoping that he will calm down and stop crying.

But in reality, screaming is unlikely to achieve such a result.

And this is explained very simply: a crying child is already in a stressful situation or in a state of hysteria.

Raising the voice of the parents only exacerbates the situation: the baby is even more frightened.

But if the mother and father speak calmly, then the child will most likely stop shedding tears.

Another common mistake

Some parents try to “bribe” a crying child by buying him a toy, just to calm him down.

You can’t do this, otherwise the boy or girl will decide that a tantrum is a sure way to get this or that thing.

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