With a lush mane and at 70, if scientists succeed in suppressing the synthesis of prostaglandin D

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have made a truly revolutionary discovery that promises to save humanity from the problem of hair loss. As a result of a study conducted with men and mice, it was found that those areas of the head where the hair follicles contain an abundance of a special protein – prostaglandin D – are exposed to baldness.

According to researchers, more than 80% of men worldwide suffer from varying degrees of baldness. Also, about 50% by age 70 usually lose half or more of their hair. This process is influenced by the male hormone testosterone, but also by many genetic factors, which give it an extremely individual character, and it is not manifested in all men. The researchers note that they have found the key to treating hair loss – with a method to inhibit the protein’s activity, the hair loss process can be halted and even growth restored. Since the hair follicles do not disappear with hair loss and remain in the skin, if the hormonal problem is solved, there is nothing else to prevent the hair from growing back.

“We found that some of the existing clinical drugs on the market can be very effective against baldness. Although it is difficult to talk about the presence or absence of side effects, we are convinced that the best solution in this case would be not to create a tablet, but a special ointment for topical application, “- said one of the leading authors of the study, Dr. George Cotsarelis (George Cotsarelis). According to experts, after all these discoveries made, the development of such an ointment is a matter of time, and not very long. The effectiveness of such an ointment, if created, is expected to be quite high and is able to stimulate hair growth in people of any age, regardless of their genetic predisposition and the influence of other factors.

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