Why do the Japanese put salt everywhere in their home?

The household traditions of the Japanese quite often cause astonishment among foreigners. They manage to find an original application even for the most ordinary things.

One of the most curious things that has always sparked interest is the salt that is scattered in various places in their homes. Most often in the toilet, but sometimes in the other rooms, you can see beautiful white pyramids of salt in porcelain teapots.

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The crystals, slightly moistened with water, are placed in special shapes that resemble those that children play with in the sand. The mold is then turned over onto a plate and carefully cleaned. A smooth pyramid with a different number of walls is obtained, which, by the way, is also not random.

Why do the Japanese have these pyramids of salt? And why do they put them everywhere in their home, and not just there? The answer is very simple! Salt is believed to help ward off evil spirits. And this belief prevails not only in Japan, but also in many other countries of the world.

The Japanese use the spice in all purification rituals to get rid of negative energy that can accumulate not only as a result of the intervention of higher forces, but also from evil thoughts, evil eyes, etc.

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In Japan, the salt purification ritual is called morishio. To banish negative energy from the house, one should stand in the east corner of any room and hold a saucer of salt in both hands.

Then he should read a special prayer and sprinkle the salt from the plate on all the corners of his home, always moving clockwise.

Salt scattered in the corners is not a very pretty sight. That’s why the Japanese make pyramids out of it. Thus, they both protect their home and have the original decoration.

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Pyramids can be of different number of sides, but triangular ones are considered the most effective. Such an ornament is most often placed in front of the threshold of the home, so that the negative cannot enter inside together with the guests.

In the toilet and in the bathroom, where there are windows and ventilation holes through which evil forces can enter, saucers of salt are also placed.

The Japanese put salt not only in their homes, but also in restaurants, bars, entertainment venues. Sometimes they even spill it directly on the sidewalk, sometimes they put the pyramids of salt in front of the door.

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This tradition has its roots that come from an old romantic legend. Many centuries ago, there was an emperor in China who loved women very much and had a harem with nearly 3 thousand concubines.

However, one of them wanted the ruler to spend more time with her and sprinkled salt on the threshold of her home. When the emperor passed her house on his horse, the animal stopped at the door to lick the salt.

When I found out why he sprinkles salt in his home, I immediately wanted to do the same! The result is fantastic!

And the girl, taking advantage of the opportunity, managed to charm the ruler and force him to come to her more often.

Modern businessmen believe that if they sprinkle the threshold of their office with salt, they will be able to attract and retain more customers. /jenata.

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