What water is more useful to drink on an empty stomach: warm or cold?

A person consists of 70% water, so in order for the body to function properly, you need to drink enough fluids. The temperature of the water we drink is also important.

When is the best time to drink water?

When you wake up, it is important to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach. This will allow you to wake up faster, because during sleep a process of dehydration occurs in the brain (a decrease in the amount of fluid). Clean water will help you quickly restore your full brain function. It is better to have breakfast 30 minutes after.

It is good not to drink water at night. There are a number of reasons for this: lymphatic drainage improves during sleep, which means you can’t avoid swelling. Also, night is the only time when the kidneys can rest.

What water should you drink on an empty stomach: warm or cold?

Water temperature is an important condition for health. This factor cannot be ignored, especially when consumed on an empty stomach.

Drinking water can kill you, here’s when and why

It is good for people to drink water at room temperature or slightly higher. Cold water, falling into the stomach, spasms it and hinders digestion. A hot drink, on the other hand, damages the esophagus and you may not even feel it because there are no pain receptors there.

How does water affect the body?

An adult is made up of 70% water. Thanks to water, nutrients and oxygen enter the cells. Staying hydrated reduces the risk of many diseases, including blood clots.

Water has life-giving power for every living organism. Thanks to its liquid consistency, it has the ability to nourish the body with dissolved vitamins and minerals. This also helps a person to easily adapt to changing external conditions, for example, the sweating system allows the body to cool down even in the heat.

Water is also involved in many processes:

• normalization of digestion;

• removal of harmful toxins, waste and excess salts;

• normalization of intestinal function;

• cleansing and moisturizing the skin;

• processing of stored fats;

• maintenance of muscle tone.

Without quality water, a person’s blood becomes viscous and the heart needs more time and effort to push it through the vessels. As the water flows through the body, it takes all the waste products with it and removes them naturally. In addition, it is the main natural lubricant for the joints, which allows a person to be flexible and not feel pain when moving.

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