What healthy drinks will help keep warm in winter: recommendations from experts

It is getting colder every day, so everyone is looking for a tasty and healthy drink with which to warm up.

  • What drinks have a warming effect
  • ginger drink
  • Spiced coffee
  • Cocoa
  • good tea
  • Herbal preparations
  • Non-alcoholic mulled wine

As it turns out, there are many options.

What drinks have a warming effect

ginger drink

This is a real classic for autumn and winter, as ginger is better than other products to help warm up after a walk in the cold. Ginger drink can not only return the feeling of warmth, but also become a real elixir of health.

Experts believe that regular consumption of ginger root promotes longevity and helps strengthen the immune system.

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Honey and lemon, which are also used in the preparation of a delicious drink, have no less potential for health.

If you regularly drink ginger drink, you can significantly reduce the risk of a cold, which is also an excellent argument in favor of this option.

Spiced coffee

Not everyone knows that spices are added to coffee not only to improve the taste and aroma: thanks to spices, you can make the drink more healthy.

Cardamom will strengthen the immune system and warm. Cinnamon will help control your sugar levels and reduce cravings for sweets. A pinch of black pepper will help protect against germs.


If you decide to treat yourself to natural cocoa, then this will be the best solution for the evening. Thanks to a cup of cocoa, you can cheer yourself up and take care of your nervous system.

Few people know that cocoa protects against irreversible brain changes, and also prevents the development of hypertension.

good tea

If you want tea to saturate you with warmth and benefits, then choose a quality product without flavorings. In order for the drink to strengthen the immune system, it should be drunk without sugar. Sweeten tea with honey.

Any tea will help you improve your health, so you can choose absolutely any variety.

Herbal preparations

Medicinal plants, added in the right proportions, can be a source of longevity, good health and a stable nervous system.

It is best to pay attention in the cold season to chamomile, lime blossom, Ivan tea, mint, lemon balm and lavender.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine

Despite the fact that a drink made with red wine is mostly beneficial, preference should be given to a non-alcoholic version.

The fact is that even a small portion of alcohol can reduce the protective functions of the body. And mulled wine, cooked with natural juice, spices and citrus fruits, will help to warm up and saturate the body with essential nutrients.

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