What happens if we stop having sex?

Researchers from the United States are asking what will happen to humanity if people stop having sex, informs the health information agency “Medicoborum”.

It turned out that it would significantly change the life of the entire society if people stopped making love and reproduced in a normal way. In the future, this may happen, scientists do not rule out such a possibility, but it is not yet known how people’s lives will develop in this case.

The researchers say that rejecting sex in any case will change people’s lives.

According to some researchers, in this case the changes would be minimal. Other experts believe that this, in turn, could lead to disaster.

So the researchers acknowledge that if people decide to change the way they reproduce, it doesn’t mean they won’t have sex. Scientists admit that even in this case sexual activity will be preserved.

At the same time, scientists suggest that the lack of sex could lead society directly into the Victorian era. This will cause people’s romantic relationships to become more important than intimate longings, and they will be given much more attention and importance. All this will significantly change the public order./ Zdrave.to

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