What drink should I drink in the morning to lower my blood pressure

An increase in blood pressure is a dangerous “signal” of the body.

This condition may indicate serious problems with the cardiovascular system.

In addition, arterial hypertension causes increased fatigue and poor health.

However, it is quite possible to normalize the indicators by making adjustments to the diet.

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Regular consumption of hibiscus tea contributes to lowering blood pressure, foreign media report citing American cardiologists.

The results of experiments show that a cup of this drink in the morning helps to alleviate the first signs of hypertension.

In this regard, hibiscus proved to be no less effective than many drugs.

To increase the effectiveness of tea, it is desirable to add pomegranate juice to it. In addition, it is recommended to consume the liquid product three times a day.

According to experts, the positive properties of the drink are explained by the presence of antioxidants and ellagitannins in it.

However, experts emphasize that hibiscus usually helps in the prevention of hypertension and in conditions such as pre-hypertension.

If a person has experienced more serious problems with blood pressure, you should consult a doctor.

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