Tyra Bansk exposed herself fiercely – shiny body and cellulite

Tyra Banks is a very famous model. She has been at the top of this industry for over eight years.

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She was also part of the first gold angels of Victoria’s Secret and long after that I stood in front of the lenses.

Now that Tyra is no longer on the catwalk, she’s apparently decided she can let herself go. In the photo, it was clear that Banks is not at all as perfect as before.

At annual awards, Tyra appeared on the red carpet in a very stylish suit. The model and presenter decided to open her jacket, under which she was only wearing a black bra that highlighted her bust.

Her pants were high-waisted, but much of her stomach was still exposed.

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Extra pounds, loose skin and stretch marks – this is what fans of the model saw.

At the same time, Banks is only 45 years old, and many of her older colleagues are in much better shape. Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum look stunningly good.

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Basically, Tyra was never too thin.

It is no coincidence that most of the brand’s outfits with capes and feathers were for her – the goal was to hide the cellulite of such a popular model.

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