These things in the home drain our energy

If you have suddenly started to notice that as soon as you cross the threshold of your home, you fall asleep on the bed, then you do not have to attribute this only to a lot of work and bad weather conditions.

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Of course, that could also be a factor, but to be honest, if you haven’t galloped that much during the day, and yet when you cross the threshold of the front door you only need resuscitation, then there may be another reason for your condition.

Apparently there are things in your interior that make you tired for no apparent reason and have a very negative effect on the energy in the home.

Cold shade of the walls

Surprisingly or not, the color your walls are painted in, for example in your bedroom, can affect your mood and cause fatigue.

American scientists have found that gray, blue, azure and other cool shades have a calming effect, but slow down the heart rate and lower blood pressure. Therefore, in such an environment, we often fall asleep.

If you want to feel cheerful, cheerful and happy, then paint your walls in warm colors.

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Constantly working TV

Informational noise affects our psyche just as badly as silence. Therefore, if you are in the habit of clinging to the remote control as soon as you get back to your apartment, don’t be surprised if you have frequent headaches.

It is important to say that the blue range of radiation inhibits the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates circadian rhythms. This leads to restless sleep.

Dirt and chaos

Garbage, dirt and chaos do not make our day better. Experts note that the disorder of our brain and the appearance of stress and tension can originate from this and prevent us from concentrating.

We become more apathetic and less energetic.

Fast food or alcoholic beverages

Fast food and strong spirits before bed are never a good idea. Unhealthy eating enriches the body with carbohydrates and sugar, and this provokes fatigue. You may feel downright broken.

Drinking alcohol before bed leads to a restless night and frequent awakenings. You may also find it difficult to lift your head from your pillow in the morning.

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Scented candles

Especially the smell of lavender. By itself, the pleasant aroma calms us and makes us sleepy. It’s a good idea to replace scents like lavender with citrus or mint. Don’t overdo it though.

A large accumulation of strong aromas in one room can cause headaches and fatigue.

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Tightly drawn curtains

Dark curtains and blinds that always sit down cause depression.

Psychologists assure that for the normal functioning of the body, it is very important to provide it with enough light. This is how we improve our mood and become more energetic.

According to psychologists, the curtains should be drawn during the day and lowered just before going to sleep.

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Cold in the room

Surprisingly, the lack of a heat source in the room can make us feel tired.

Cell phone on the bedside table

Nowadays it is hard for us to imagine life without these gadgets, but many of us are already aware that they are not harmless at all.

The habit of placing the device next to your bed is a very bad idea. You constantly wake up in the middle of the night reacting to the flickering screen and thus prevent your full sleep.

Secondly, according to doctors, the waves of these gadgets have a negative effect on our health, and we become mentally dependent on them. /jenata.

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