These models are considered ugly, but they are ultra-successful and racking up fat stacks of PHOTOS

It’s time for change, and it usually starts with people. Despite the haste, commotion and many problems, society understands and accepts people with non-standard thinking and appearance.

This is really important, because such people must first of all feel the support of others! It’s good that the unique models on today’s list are an example that nothing is impossible!

Brunette Mophie

The girl’s success was so unpredictable that there is no way to explain this phenomenon. The young cross-eyed lady makes a successful photo shoot with the hashtag Storm Models and begins to be desired by a number of fashion magazines.

“At one time I almost agreed to undergo eye surgery. I was stopped by my inner self, which saw this as a kind of betrayal,” says the model.

“I am extremely glad that I listened to my ego and as you can see, it did not stop me from building a successful career. Now I’m on the same level as Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, and that’s cool,” she added.

Harry Neff

“Typical American model,” you say. From the beautiful brown hair, pretty face and slim figure, it’s hard to imagine that Harry is actually… a boy.

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The young man took his first successful steps as a model after undergoing a course of hormone therapy. And then, as if by magic, Harry shone on the catwalks, received an offer from IMG Models and got into the list of the 100 most influential people in the fashion industry.

Dinah Christison

“Life is an interesting thing. Seeking the balance of death, strength arose within me and the true fighter awoke! Professionally, I took up the fashion business to prove that a terrible diagnosis is not a sentence,” says the girl.

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Dina had cancer in the fourth stages, but neither the painful chemotherapy, nor the two surgeries and her bald head could influence her signing a contract with a major fashion brand. On the contrary, she believes that her mission is to support all the sick and show that everyone can achieve their goals, no matter what!

Lily McMenam

“For the hundredth time, I am convinced that the classic canons of beauty have sunk into oblivion. It’s time for a non-standard approach to everything. Yes, at school I was compared to a rabbit and many teachers openly laughed when they heard about my intentions to become a model. But with time, everything was fine. /jenata.

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