These clothes will be a hit in fall 2020.

Autumn is one of the most colorful and beautiful seasons. Now is the time when you can pair even a summer dress with a great chunky sweater and look perfect.

The most fashionable colors for the autumn-winter season 2020-2021 PHOTOS

You can show off your entire wardrobe even on the way to the office without having to cover everything up by throwing on a thick coat and a hat.

But what will be fashionable this fall? French couturiers advise to bet on something more unusual in the coming months and let your imagination run wild.

The most current and fashionable colors for spring/summer 2021 will be… PHOTOS

Famous French designers have indicated what will be fashionable in the coming days, and we will show you their advice. Follow them and you can’t go unnoticed.

Leopard isn’t a fashion crime

Although animal prints are sometimes received very controversially, only brave ladies would dare to wear them.

In Maje’s latest collection, leopard and predatory prints are presented in a variety of variations and textures, from an enchanting dress to a heavy coat.

These 3 things will be a fashion hit in fall 2020

School style is back in fashion

September has passed and even though most of us don’t have to go to school anymore, this look will be very relevant in the coming months. You don’t have to steal the uniform from your child, just bring a more youthful look to your look.

You don’t need to wear a miniskirt for this. The key elements to this autumn look are elegant and stylish jumpers and blazers, as well as sweaters with a shirt underneath.

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Be bold and sassy

If you want to add a little spice to your look, then you must pay attention to the new collection of Claudie Pierlot.

No matter what style of clothing you’re a fan of, we guarantee you’ll find something you’ll love. Dramatic black and bold black are the main color accents in the looks here. We all know how profitable this combination has always been./jenata.

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