The incredible medical miracle with the resurrected 13-year-old boy

In the United States, a teenager with a severe head injury regained consciousness after his parents had already given written consent for posthumous organ donation, USA Today reports.

13-year-old Trenton McKinley from the state of Alabama was involved in a car accident in early March and suffered an extremely severe head injury. While the ambulance was taking Trenton to the hospital, his heart stopped 4 times, once for 15 minutes.

The doctors explained to the parents that such prolonged oxygen starvation causes irreversible changes in the brain. This means that even if the child survives, he will never regain consciousness and will remain forever connected to life support.

In the end, the parents agreed to have the equipment turned off and their son’s organs to be donated to sick children. However, the day before this happened, the teenager, who had 7 skull fractures, suddenly started breathing on his own, spoke and even got out of bed.

Trenton now says he doesn’t remember the time of the crash, but he claims he knows that while he was in a coma, his soul went to heaven. “There is no other explanation for what happened, it’s really God’s will. Even the doctors agree with that,” says the miraculously resurrected boy.

After regaining consciousness, Trenton began to recover quickly. Ty even played basketball in the hospital gym and scored four baskets.

Doctors still cannot explain the miraculous recovery of the child who was on the verge of death. /

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