The doctor called foods and dishes that increase the risk of developing diabetes

The expert spoke about foods and dishes that should be excluded from the diet in order to reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes.

Epidemiologist Lydia Soprun noted that not only sweets can cause the disease. The list includes foods that contain “hidden sugar”.

This is a sugar that a person does not feel when consumed. In the oral cavity, the sensation of sweetness does not occur, but the intestines clearly determine that the product is sweet.

The doctor noted that regular use of sauces, mayonnaise, ketchups, sausages, sausages, fast food, pickled vegetables, sushi and rolls leads to the development of diabetes.

Measuring blood sugar
Photo: Pixabay

In addition, the doctor pointed out that a lot of sugar is found in grapes, apples, peaches and dried fruits, Prime reports.

Diabetes can develop not only when eating certain foods. The risk arises from one bad gastronomic habit. Constant snacking on sweets, bagels or other similar products lead to fluctuations in blood glucose, insulin fluctuations.

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