The daughter-in-law saw what her mother-in-law had done, became furious and drove her out of her home

A newlywed wife became so angry with her mother-in-law that she kicked her out of her home and forbade her to return. The 31-year-old woman shared her dissatisfaction in a post on the Reddit site.

The young lady says that she and her husband recently bought a house and started furnishing it. Since her husband was often on business trips, she turned to his mother for help.

One day she came home from work to find that her mother-in-law had taken the liberty of decorating one of the walls in the house with photographs. Among them was a shot that literally knocked her off balance. The photo captured her husband and his ex-wife at their wedding.

The mother left the baby with the mother-in-law for a few minutes, and then kicked her out of her home

The author of the post notes that her mother-in-law adores her former daughter-in-law and often invites her to family holidays, which has often become a reason for conflicts.

When the new wife asked her mother-in-law to remove the scandalous photo, the woman said it was a part of her son’s life that couldn’t just be erased or forgotten.

A terrible scandal arose between the two ladies, and in her anger the younger one kicked the older one out of her home. However, her husband’s mother did not smell and continued to attack her with messages. This forced the 31-year-old author of the post to forbid her mother-in-law from crossing the threshold of her home.

The offended parent hastened to send her son a screenshot of the message and asked him to come to terms with his wife. Much to her surprise, however, he stood by his wife because he thought his mother was wrong. Nevertheless, he asked his beloved to allow her to visit them again.

A bride saw her mother-in-law’s dress and her wedding turned into hell PHOTO

However, his wife was adamant and flatly refused to do so.

Now the couple is planning a private conversation on the subject. And the author of the publication asks Internet users to evaluate her behavior in the complex situation.

“I am married for the second time and I understand you perfectly. I would not want the photos from my first wedding hanging all over the house,” wrote a lady.

Another suggested that the author of the post hang a picture of herself with her ex on the wall and see what the reaction of her mother-in-law and her son would be. /jenata.

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