The Chinese know: This is how to walk so as not to get sick

Even ancient Chinese doctors found that the human body begins to age with its feet. So, the medicine of ancient China proves that on the heels there are points responsible for the normal functioning of many organs of the body.

Experts supporting this theory provide some tips to help “train” the heels. According to them, this will slow down the aging of the organs and actually help a person to “breathe easier”.

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Flat shoes or heels

Stepping on the heels or on the inside and outside of the foot will improve blood circulation in the feet and hence the health of the internal organs. So use this exercise as a morning exercise.

A point of the function

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The important point on the foot, discovered by Chinese doctors, is known all over the world. The point is called Yun Quan and you can find it in the middle of the arch of the foot closer to the toes.

Experts are sure that this is the first point of the kidney channel, and by pressing it, you can strengthen it. To achieve the effect, you need to press on the point about 20 times on one foot, and then on the other.

Hit.. or not?

Light strokes on the pads under the toes are considered one of the most effective ways to improve blood circulation in China. Doctors recommend tapping the base of the second and third toes for five minutes a day as well.

Walking helps both the health of the feet and the whole body. Long barefoot walks on pebbles, sand or grass are particularly effective. The blood in the legs circulates faster and one feels younger. /

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