Six general and four local symptoms of cancer

We know that someone has cancer, but every time we think that it will not happen to us. But those who got sick probably thought the same way. It is very important to listen to your body and to consult a doctor at the first signs of illness.


Low hemoglobin

Hemoglobin is a protein in the blood that carries oxygen to the organs. A strong decrease in hemoglobin can be a sign of oncology. If you did a blood analysis, then there was some reason, but against its background, the doctor may not attach much importance to the level of hemoglobin, so you yourself should be on the lookout. If you notice that the hemoglobin index is only 70-80 units, consult an oncologist.


Every pain has its own cause. For example, the back most often hurts as a result of unaccustomed or incorrect physical exertion. For example, a visitor to a fitness club decided to save money on the trainer, does the exercises independently, but in the wrong posture. But if the pain has occurred for no reason, does not pass for a long time and is not removed with pills, it is good to seek the opinion of a doctor.

Sudden weight loss

This sign appears more often in the late stages of the disease, but it can appear earlier. If you suddenly began to lose weight, but did not get involved in stressful situations, did not follow a diet and did not do sports, this is a reason to contact an oncologist. The patient stops eating well and due to dehydration rapidly loses weight. This is due to the fact that the tumor makes the body work differently, disrupts the metabolism and leads to rapid weight loss. Sudden weight loss is not a cause for joy and or a change of wardrobe, it is a symptom.


In the early stages, the patient may tire quickly after daily work that he previously handled with ease. This happens because the tumor poisons the body, forcing it to produce biologically active substances and changing the usual processes. Listen to yourself, are there other causes of fatigue?

You are often sick

When cancer occurs, the patient’s immunity weakens and can no longer resist viruses and infections. If you have started to get sick often, especially in the warm season and not because of the air conditioner, do some research. This symptom can appear in the first stages of cancer, but it is difficult to recognize.


In case of poisoning with toxins or any other serious disease, the liver ceases to fully perform its functions, the tumor hinders it. This leads to a change in the color of the skin, which acquires a yellowish tint. Sometimes, in case of illness, the skin darkens and the hair begins to grow rapidly.


Skin tightening

It is easiest to detect the seal in the chest, in other cases only the doctor can notice it. If you feel swelling under the skin, get yourself tested just in case.


Bleeding is a sign of a malfunction of the internal organs. Blood can come out when coughing, vomiting. Be sure to pay attention to this. The appearance of bruises can also indicate oncology. If after an accidental bruise, the bruise does not go away for several weeks, it is suspicious.

Cough and wheezing

Coughing and a change in voice can indicate cancer of the respiratory system, especially if it is coughing up blood. Of course, such symptoms can be caused by inflammation and infection, but it is better to be safe. If the cough and shortness of breath do not go away for more than two weeks, consult a doctor.

Enlargement of the mole

If the mole starts to grow for no reason, changes its shape and hue, this is a bad sign, you should urgently show it to a doctor. It is possible that this is not a mole, but a melanoma, i.e. skin cancer. These are its main characteristics: asymmetry, uneven edges, atypical color (moles have a brown tint and melanomas – brown with black, red, white or even blue). If you develop strange marks on your skin or uneven moles that do not disappear for several weeks, consult an oncologist.

Go to a doctor’s examination

If you notice any of these symptoms, be sure to see a doctor. Don’t worry that they might think you’re a hypochondriac, because it’s about your health./

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