She lost 142 kilos and became a sex bomb, but something terrible happened to her PICTURES 18+

31-year-old Lexi Reed has become a real sensation in the USA. The woman, who is from the US state of Indiana and has been a fitness blogger for some time, is popular not because of anything else, but because of how she looked years ago and how she looks now.

The interesting thing about Lexi is that she has lost a whopping 142 kilograms. What happened to her is proof that a person, if he has the will and desire, can achieve the impossible.

To date – after many workouts, diets and surgeries to remove excess skin, Lexi is a real sex bomb.

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Yes, but something terrible happened to her recently.

A few days ago, the 31-year-old woman was urgently admitted to the hospital. doctors told her she had internal organ failure.

According to her husband, Reed, she had been feeling very ill for a few weeks.

“I decided to take Lexi to the hospital where they told me her organs were failing,” her husband shared.

“According to the doctors, she could have died if she hadn’t been taken to the hospital in time,” adds the husband of the woman who lost 142 kilograms.

Reed spent five days in a medically induced coma and was able to return home just a month after being hospitalized. She still cannot walk and needs dialysis.

Check out this Instagram post.

A post shared by Lexi Reed (@fatgirlfedup)

According to her, the cause of the disease has not yet been clarified. However, Lexi is adamant that this has nothing to do with her drastic weight loss, but is a consequence of having passed COVID-19. / jenata.

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