Scientists have named products that can be consumed with alcohol

Alcohol provokes appetite. Therefore, during feasts, many want to eat.

In this case, the choice is given most often not the most useful food. As a result, a person is faced not only with health problems, but also with excess weight.

Scientists from the University of Sydney conducted an experiment and found out which snack goes best with alcohol, writes

More than 9 thousand people took part in the work.

Wine, alcohol
Photo: © Belnovosti

Doctors analyzed their eating habits. It turned out that drinking men and women are more likely to choose fatty and protein foods than those volunteers who do not drink.

The drinkers were then divided into groups.

Some volunteers chose foods high in protein but low in carbohydrates and fats. These are lean meats, seafood, nuts and legumes. Such people are less likely to gain weight because they choose the right and healthy food that is not high in calories.

As for the second group, preference was given to harmful snacks, for example, chips. The people on this team ate 800 calories more than the recommended amount.

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