Restore the nervous system with healing mineral water

Aura Spa Hotel

Balneohotel “Aura” is located on a picturesque hill in the immediate vicinity of the center of Velingrad. The charm of this complex is the exceptional view of the Rhodope Mountains and the beautiful city, and the abundance of the warmest mineral water in the area completes the magic for complete relaxation.

The mineral water in the “Aura” hotel comes from the “Vlas” spring, known for its exceptional healing properties. Its curative-prophylactic properties have been confirmed both by scientific research and by the accumulated experience in the treatment of various diseases.

Water composition:

• total mineralization – 600-700mg/l.;

• sulfates – 57mg/l.;

• hydrocarbons and carbonates – 35mg/l.;

• sodium and potassium – 96mg/l.;

• calcium – 3mg/l.;

• metasilicon – 119mg/l.;

• hydrosulfide and hydrogen sulfide – 2mg/l.;

• fluoride – 9mg/l.;

Characteristics of the mineral water: hyperthermal, moderately alkaline, sulfate-hydrocarbonate-sodium, siliceous, highly fluorine.

Indications for external application:

• diseases of the musculoskeletal system of an inflammatory degenerative nature, including osteoporosis;

• gynecological diseases;

• skin diseases;

• diseases of the peripheral nervous system;

• functional disorders of the nervous system, states of recovery after past illnesses, etc.

One of the great advantages of the “Aura” complex are the mineral pools:

• Large indoor mineral pool with jacuzzi and hot tubs – length 25 m and depth from 1.40 m to 1.90 m / open in summer / temperature: 31-34°

• Indoor mineral pool – 8m/7m in size and 1.20m deep

• Outdoor mineral pool – operates throughout the year – size 8m/4m and depth from 1.00m to 1.20m, temperature: 36-38°

• Outdoor Jacuzzi – operates throughout the year – temperature: 38-40°

• Spa center – aromatic steam bath with herbs, Finnish sauna, contrast pool, tropical shower.

The spa hotel has a well-equipped medical center with doctor’s offices, physiotherapy and remedial physical education rooms, where treatment with ultrasound, laser therapy, diadynamics, magnetotherapy, cryotherapy, etc. is carried out. healing procedures.
Balneohotel “Aura” offers a variety of treatment programs for the rehabilitation and prevention of various types of diseases, as well as those for restoring the physical and mental condition of vacationers. Doctors – balneologists will prepare individual programs for you, including various procedures.

The spa packages and the hotel do not serve people in an impaired general condition who cannot serve themselves, even with a companion.

Arthrorheumatic diseases program

The program applies to balneotherapy, rehabilitation and prevention of:

• arthrorheumatic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis /Morbus Bechtezev/, etc.

• Rheumatoid arthritis – indicative for balneo- and mud therapy are patients in remission with minimal general inflammatory activity, without evidence of visceralization (affecting the internal organs).

• Bekhterev’s disease – patients in remission with minimal general inflammatory activity are indicated for balneo- and mud therapy.


• Patients with general inflammatory activity higher than the minimum, patients on corticosteroid therapy, with visceralization, ischemic heart disease, cardiac decompensation, etc.

• Patients with high and moderate general inflammatory activity, with evidence of visceralization and the presence of exudative joint changes and other general contraindications for balneotherapy.

The duration of the program is for 3, 5, 7, 10 days and includes one doctor’s consultation, depending on how long the patient’s stay is, and three therapeutic procedures per day.

An individual program is prepared for each patient, tailored to his health condition.

Program for osteoarthritis

Program for balneotherapy, rehabilitation and prevention of degenerative joint diseases affecting one or more joints, including the spine: polyarthrosis, coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, omarthrosis, etc. It is carried out in the chronic stage of the disease. The program aims to reduce pain, improve movement and slow down the course of the disease.

The duration of the program is for 3, 5, 7, 10 days and includes one doctor’s consultation, depending on how many days the patient is staying, and 3 therapeutic procedures per day. An individual program is prepared for each patient, tailored to his health condition.

Antistress program

Program supports recovery in case of chronic overfatigue and extreme mental and physical stress in people in good health.

The duration of the program is for 3, 5, 7, 10 days and includes a consultation with a doctor and preparation of an individual program, tailored to the health condition of the vacationer.

Program overweight

The program is for people in good health who want to reduce their body weight.

It includes one consultation with a doctor, depending on the duration of the course, and 3 procedures per day, appointed after assessing the state of health.

Anti-cellulite program

The duration of the program is for 3, 5, 7, 10 days. It is aimed at young women in good health.

Includes 1 consultation with a doctor and preparation of an individual program tailored to the woman’s state of health.

Chronic lung diseases

The program is applied to certain chronic diseases of the respiratory system: bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis. Includes 1 consultation with a doctor, preparation of an individual program, 3 procedures per day.

Address: Balneohotel “Aura”, Velingrad PK: 4600
25 Tsar Ivan Asen St
Tel: 0359/53129
Tel: 0885660605
Tel: 0359/59679
Tel: 0884668066
Email: [email protected]

Kalina Hotel

Hotel “Kalina” is located in the resort Borovets, 70 km from Sofia, 125 km from Plovdiv and 10 km from Samokov. In the area of ​​”Borovets” there is the palace “Bistrica”, the palace “Sitnyakovo”, the locality “Black rock”. From the resort with a cable car, mountain lovers can visit the Yastrebets hut, and from there they can walk to the Musala hut and the peak of the same name. The hotel is also visited in winter because of the nice ski slopes of “Borovets” and the conditions for ski sports.

Hotel “Kalina” works according to the National Social Insurance Institution’s program for the prevention and rehabilitation of insured persons. The treatment program is designed for people who need prevention and rehabilitation of diseases of:

• musculoskeletal system

• cardiovascular system

• respiratory system

• peripheral and central nervous system

• renal-urological, gastrointestinal, biliary-hepatic and endocrine-metabolic diseases.

“PRO HEALTH” program is available outside the periods during which holiday packages are valid.

The package price includes:

• 6 nights, 6 meals, 6 treatment days;

• primary medical examination;

• secondary medical examination;

• up to 4 procedures per day at the doctor’s discretion and depending on the health status (without dry and underwater massage);

• (up to 3 procedures + pool) or (up to 3 procedures + sauna/steam bath/fitness);

• tourist tax and tourist insurance.

Rehabilitation procedures include:

• doctor’s office;

• massage room (classic full body massage, partial massage);

• kinesitherapy section (individual and group physical therapy), fitness;

• physiotherapy section (electro- and light therapy), inhalations;

• sauna;

• steam bath;

• detoxifier.

It is recommended that every client who has medical documentation (x-rays, epicrisis, tests, etc.) bring them and present them to the doctor during the initial examination.

Premises have been prepared according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health for the possible quarantine of guests or staff. The pools will function in compliance with safety rules and physical distance between visitors – water treatment according to the order of the Minister of Health; limited number of people; disposable towels for use by visitors; regular disinfection of umbrellas, sunbeds, chairs, wardrobes. Daily cleaning, disinfection and ventilation of hotel rooms and all contact surfaces.

Address: k. k. “Borovets”,
common Samokov, PK: 2010
Tel: 0750 32439
Tel: 0878577386
Tel: 0878577370
[email protected]

Prepared by Milena VASILEVA

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