Quiz: How addicted are you to your phone?

The term “nomophobia” (English “non-mobile phone phobia”) appeared in 2010 in the marketing company YouGov. The concept characterizes the unconscious anxiety that mobile phone users experience when they are left without their device for any reason.

According to the research, such anxiety occurs in 58% of men and 47% of women, and 9% of people experience such fears when their mobile phones are switched off.


It seems that modern life is so full of all kinds of stress and anxiety that worrying about the “mobile phone” is unnecessary. But it’s worth looking deeper and you’ll notice all the familiar symptoms of nomophobia. Well, really, how many times a day do we look at our smartphones? Why do we keep holding them close? Why do we check social networks every 5 minutes? Try to leave the house somehow without a phone. How quickly will you detect its absence? Maybe even when leaving the entrance. These are all symptoms of nomophobia.


Smartphone addiction has the same symptoms as smoking addiction. What does a smoker do in a stressful situation? That’s right, he’s smoking a pack of cigarettes. Cell phone owners are the same. However, neither cigarettes nor smartphones help us get rid of stress. They simply direct our attention, give the illusion of security. The next time you pick up the phone, try to adequately assess whether you really want to contact someone or find relevant information on the Internet, or just try to distract yourself from problems.


A group of scientists, together with doctors, have put together a test that can reveal nomnophobia in people at different stages. Try to honestly and impartially answer the question: how do you feel if your phone is not available?

-You are overcome with anxiety due to the inability to communicate with friends and family.
-Fear of not being able to do your job
-Nervousness due to the inability to receive a message or fear of missing an important call.
-Anxiety because your family members cannot contact you.
-Feeling of detachment from the usual circle of communication.
-Discomfort from missing updates on social networks and not being able to get up-to-date information.
-The annoyance is due to the fact that you can’t write messages, post news on social networks, post pictures on Instagram or post messages on Twitter.
-You feel confused about not knowing what to do with your time.

If you have feelings described on at least half of the list, then you have clearly developed nomnophobia. And most likely, it is time to take measures to return to the real world./ Zdrave.to

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