Prof. Baikova explained how we add preservatives to the food ourselves

At the end of the 20th century, fruit and vegetable consumption amounts were similar to today. The amounts now amount to 130 grams of fruit per day per person and 200 grams of vegetables per day. The minimum requirement of vegetables and fruits per day is 300 grams, and the optimal is 700 grams. This was stated by nutrition and dietetics specialist Prof. Donka Baikova in the morning block of BNT.

What anti-cancer foods should we include in our daily diet?

We remind you that our country ranks at the bottom of the EU in terms of the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed, according to data from a Eurostat analysis of the consumption of these products in EU countries in 2017. Only about 37 percent of Bulgarians consumed fruit every day, and 45 percent of our compatriots put vegetables on their table every day.

“The morbidity is in direct correlation with the food intake,” she added.

With what products to fill the lack of iodine?

“In terms of consumption of canned vegetables, we are in a leading position. However, there is a high amount of salt in pickles and sauerkraut, we are trying to teach consumers that not only salt is a preservative, but also horseradish and ginger. Salt leads to strokes and heart attacks,” he added. also Prof. Baikova.

“We have domestic production, which is also much tastier. In the end, however, we consume imported production. The origin of the fruits and vegetables should be written on the cuts”, Prof. Donka Baikova. /

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