One should age gracefully

The main task of plastic surgeons is to make a person age gracefully. The result on a person (not only on a woman, men are also beautified) is good when the surroundings do not see it, or exchanged for change, if the person in question is left with his own face, he just looks better.

Also by the credo of the plastic surgeon, primary care dermatologist from the Interklinik Center for Beauty and Health in Bratislava, MUDr. Slavomíry Feix, is to help a woman be more attractive and beautiful so that those around her don’t see it. “I am most pleased when the client tells me after the procedure: No one noticed anything, doctor. But everyone asks me if I was on vacation,” she said at the Herial Women’s Club.

Aesthetic surgery is also undergoing development. The news in it concerns the body as a whole. “We use biomechanics, biophysics and biochemistry of the body. “Just as we knew at the beginning that penicillin helps with bacterial disease, today we know that enzymes and vitamins are good for us – we use them in chemical products,” Feix added.

She added that doctors know that radio frequency and ultrasound help a person. “We go deep, where we stimulate collagen, and we want to get into the activities of small children.” She explained that while a child’s skin regenerates in seven days, it takes twenty-one days for an adult in his forties. “Our job is to understand it and use physics, especially instruments, to help speed it up and restore cellular activity. To stay young for a long time,” she concluded.

Feix calls his “task” “aesthetic optimization” and it is for doing it in such a way that the effect is not unnatural. “Because we also have cases of people who started very early and exaggerated,” said the doctor, admitting that doctors themselves made many mistakes in the beginning.

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