Never for anything in the world say these 7 words in front of England’s royal family or else… (PHOTOS)

Social anthropologist and author of Raising an Englishman, Kate Fox, has made some fascinating revelations about the lexicon the Royal Family loves and hates. No one would argue with the fact that royal families are not like “normal” people. They live in palaces and sprawling estates. We do not. They are fabulously rich, and we live in constant fear of having our finances rejected.

The many differences also – and obviously – go far beyond the material and fiscal.

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Not surprisingly, the royal family has a very distinct way of speaking.

Social anthropologist Kate Fox has taken an exciting look at the vocabulary loved by Britain’s royal family.

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Specifically, there are some words that the Queen, princes and princesses will never say. But you have no idea who they are.

And not only that, you yourself must never utter before them, otherwise woe betide you!

Here are the seven words you’ll never hear from any of the Island’s royals:

1. Apologize

We always thought “Sorry” was kinder than the alternatives. But according to royal protocol, we are wrong. This word and its cognate “pardon” are forbidden to be used by the royals of Great Britain. Instead, if you didn’t hear what the Duke of Edinburgh said to you, you should say “I’m sorry?” or even “I’m sorry, what?”. Or just pretend you heard and replace the apology with a nod and smile.

2. Toilet

The word “toilet” is of French origin, so it is obviously avoided on the Island. So if you’re ever walking the vast corridors of Buckingham Palace and desperately need a visit to the secret place, then ask the nearest footman where “LOO” is.

2. Perfume

Complimenting someone on how they smell is tricky. Unfortunately, saying something nice about the scent of a member of the British royal family won’t help. They don’t wear perfume. They carry a scent. Unfortunately, however, “I like your scent” will always sound ominous. Fact!

4. Tea

According to Kate Fox, one surefire way to pass yourself off as decidedly non-royal is to call your dinner ‘tea’. If you want to Queen her that you have blue blood, just invite her to “dinner”. She probably won’t come, but at least she’ll know you’re “classy.”

5. Hall

There are many rooms in the palaces, but none of them is a living room or a drawing room. This is not because they don’t just sit down to watch TV or play cards. After all, they have no sofas, but armchairs – his royal business.

6. Chic/chic

The first rule – to be chic? No! Never try to look chic in the eyes of a royal. And also don’t you dare tell the Queen, princes and princesses that they look chic.

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7. Dessert

When you get a royal invitation to dinner at Buckingham Palace don’t expect dessert. Instead, satisfy your sweet tooth with “pudding,” as the royals say. / jenata.

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