Milena Zlatkova: I have donated eggs

Radio presenter Milena Zlatkova graduated from “Art Management and Cultural Administration” and for 19 years she has been hosting the morning show of Radio “Vitosha” “Troika na raszvane” together with Kiril Petrov and Todor Miliev. Milena has a special attitude towards health care and “inside” information about the problems in the system. Here is what the radio host shared especially for the readers of “Doctor” magazine.

– Milena, where did you get this sensitivity to health care problems? You have participated in many health campaigns over the years.

– Probably from my mother – a doctor specializing in internal diseases. She was always extremely devoted to people, not only in the doctor’s office and in the hospital ward. It was normal for her to help, for example, neighbors who lived alone. He brought them food, medicine, examined them. So I probably took for granted empathy, caring about how other people feel.

– Tell us about some of the campaigns you run.

– The campaign “More Bulgarians for Bulgaria” is ours – on Radio “Vitosha” and on our show “Three at Dawn”. We have been organizing it for 14 years. Our partners and friends are the “I Want a Baby” Foundation, which launched a campaign to support the donation of genetic material. “Dawn Three” we supported her extremely actively for three years. I was the face of the campaign and donated eggs.

I consider it proper for a person to participate with concrete steps, not only with words and appeal. Subsequently, and to this day, we continue to work with “I want a baby”. Many Bulgarians were born.

– What are the medical procedures that are done when donating eggs?

– There are precise rules according to which the donation of reproductive material is made (Ordinance No. 28). Donors are registered in the register of the Transplantation Agency. The woman must be up to 35 years old, must have one child born and can donate eggs up to three times. Female donors are stimulated with synthetic hormones, which are then excreted from the body and do not negatively affect health. No fat, no hair. These things are myths. Egg retrieval takes place in minutes through a puncture under intravenous anesthesia. Nothing scary. Donation is not parenting – you are simply donating a part of yourself so that someone else can have a child and a family. The ovum carries a maximum of 5% genetic material from the donor.

– You did a photo shoot in support of people with blood cancer. Do you have a personal story that motivated you to support them?

– No. Simply, the chairman of the “Lymphoma” Association – Pirinka Petrova is a wonderful, bright person. We met because she is the notary in our campaign “More Bulgarians for Bulgaria”, which certifies the registrations and the transparency of the lottery to determine the winning in vitro procedures, births, research of children.

Along the radio, I got to know many other people like Pirinka, who work completely free of charge on various health problems

I call it the “circle of humanity” – the people who have dedicated themselves to various causes to reform the health care system that is really killing right now.

Milena with Kiril and Todor (right) – the trio of radio presenters at dawn at Radio “Vitosha”

– How do you explain the fact that the health care system kills, despite the desire of both doctors and patients to make it better?

– The message of the mothers of children with disabilities “The system is killing us” concerns not only them, but absolutely everyone. Despite our wish for things to get better, the exact opposite is happening – completely inadequate actions on the part of responsible administrative representatives. It is officially explained that very large sums are allocated for health care, but they do not go as intended. An example of an adequate health reform is Germany, where 30 years ago the recommendations of non-governmental organizations that knew the patients’ problems were heard.

And in our country, the mothers of children with disabilities have been protesting for months, they have described in black and white and in detail what the bugs are in the system, but the authorities do not reflect them. At the same time, state-funded disability organizations do not report the amounts they spend.

Winter is coming and it is not known how disabled people and their mothers will survive. It is said that they receive assistance of BGN 900 per child. But this is only for children with more than 90% disability. And they are not that many. The vast majority live on about BGN 200-300 per month. And with this money, both the mother and the child support themselves.

Now we help “piece by piece” We collect medicines, hygiene materials, money for wood and for bills to private judges-contractors. Again, I met people who help simply because they are Human.

Adelina Banakieva, (who is one of the initiators and organizers of the #system kills them and personally helps the mothers with her own funds), Diana Videnova (lives in Germany and sends help from the Bulgarians living there), mothers from “More Bulgarians for Bulgaria” , “I want a baby”…

– How will you comment on the transfer of the Children’s Treatment Fund to the Health Fund and the abolition of the Public Council?

– I was three years on the Public Council of the Children’s Treatment Fund to ensure transparency of its work. There were brutal outbursts there, and that is why several people left demonstratively (including Assoc. Anelia Bueva), fully convinced that the Fund will be closed, and that this is the ultimate goal – to make it disappear. Several directors have changed. It is clear that when the state destroys a working structure that saves human life, “it’s about money”.

I’m afraid that we will end up like 10 years ago, reporting a surplus from the treatment of children.

Now the Health Fund takes in the children without a Public Council, without transparency. With the main goal of better digestibility. And it will not be known what will actually happen, what delay there will be in the treatment and how many children will leave this world

“The system is killing us” applies to absolutely everything in the health sector. It’s getting more and more scary to me, because inhumanity has settled in the system and it won’t go away.

– How do you personally take care of your health?

– Through prevention – I have preventive examinations several times a year. I don’t exaggerate anything. Except with emotions… I don’t drink or smoke. In terms of nutrition, I periodically go into a mode with more fruits and vegetables.

I still can’t get used to getting up early. And “Dawn Three” will soon be 19 years old. For these years, I have accumulated enormous fatigue. But I feel great on the radio and the people I work with are great.

– Have you been in hospital?

– When I was 9 years old, I had eye surgery for strabismus. It didn’t go well. The threads did not break down and the sewing method was wrong. Years later they operated on me once more and corrected things.

Along with my son’s trauma this summer, I’ve had contrasting experiences in hospitals. Where they first examined him, they didn’t do the scan properly and the broken collarbone didn’t show up. They splinted him for a month and made sure there was no fracture. But things were not right and I was amazed how doctors with many years of practice could afford poor quality treatment. If I hadn’t gone for a second opinion with Prof. Atanas Katsarov, my son would have undergone a clavicle surgery due to improper healing. It is good that there are so many good Bulgarian doctors.

I am grateful that fate has met me with specialists who donate in vitro procedures, help during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as examinations for children in our campaign – Dr. Stamenov, Dr. Stavrev, Dr. Boychev, Dr. Penkov, Dr. Nikolov, Dr. Dimitrov, Dr. Shterev, Dr. Velev; nephrologist Prof. Anelia Bueva, neonatologist Prof. Ralitsa Georgieva, pediatrician Dr. Radka Maslarska, geneticist Prof. Savov. They are a lot. I will miss someone and I will be ashamed. A good doctor cannot be just a professional, he must also be a good person. And to stand with his face behind what he believes in.


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