Melissa stopped drinking alcohol, what happened next is amazing

A 33-year-old Australian woman gave up the daily use of alcohol and talked about the amazing changes in her life, writes the Daily Mail.

Event organizer Melissa Lionette admits that she began to suffer from alcohol addiction at the age of 15. She explains that as a child she was raised by her strict grandmother and, amid their quarrels, she began to suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts.

To ease her emotional state, she started drinking alcohol.

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When she grew up, she became an organizer of various entertainment events, where she also often drank spirits with the guests. Over time, she began to notice frequent mood swings, indecisiveness, low self-esteem, and depression.

In 2019, Melissa enrolled in a 30-day detox program that allowed her to see what her life could be like without alcohol.

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The young woman emphasizes that realizing the real damage that alcohol causes to her body helped her to give up her addiction forever.

She explains that alcohol has a detrimental effect on the liver, heart and brain, and also causes digestive problems. It also reduces the quality of sleep, causes fatigue and worsens appearance.

According to nutritionists and fitness trainers, giving up alcohol for at least a month improves memory, mental clarity, sleep, relieves anxiety and depression, and promotes weight loss and liver cleansing.

To everyone who wants to give up this vice, the Australian recommended communication with people leading a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know that this is the most harmful way of drinking alcohol?

“You can also join an Alcoholics Anonymous group or a topical online forum where you’ll get support from like-minded people,” she says.

The woman also advises to learn a little more about the effect that alcohol has on the human body. She notes that the books “Quit Like A Woman” by Holly Whittaker and “Annie’s Naked Mind” by Annie Grace helped her in this.

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The Australian also notes the importance of psychotherapy. “You have to find out what experiences have caused you to drink and root them out,” she concludes. /jenata.

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