Leo Bokeria called the main symptom that signals an approaching heart attack

A cardiac surgeon spoke about a symptom that is a harbinger of a heart attack.

Leo Bokeria described a situation where a person may need the help of a cardiologist.

The doctor said that the most obvious sign of a possible heart attack is severe pain in the region of the heart. The situation should be especially alert when pain in the heart or chest radiates to the left hand.

Bokeria indicated that with such a symptom, a person needs to urgently seek medical help.

Photo: Pixabay

In addition, a cardiac surgeon, in an interview with journalist Laura Jugelia, named a condition under which the likelihood of a heart attack is higher. According to the doctor, excess weight negatively affects the functioning of the organ responsible for blood circulation.

Bokeria added that obesity often causes heart failure. The doctor emphasized that everything starts with a slight malaise, and then shortness of breath appears.

The cardiac surgeon noted that men are more likely to be diagnosed with serious cardiovascular diseases than women.

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