Lamar refused to go to the bathroom for 47 days, here’s what happened…

Today we are going to tell you a strange story to say the least. The “hero” in the curious plot is named Lamar Chambers.

The man in question refused to go to the toilet for 47 days! Yes, you read that right! That’s roughly a month and a half.

Lamar Chambers is a prisoner and has been accused of drug trafficking by the English authorities. According to the uniforms, he had swallowed most of the drugs in his stomach, which is why the water in the cell was turned off to make sure the cops wouldn’t cover up the evidence.

The Pandizchiya tried to go for 47 days due to great need, after which he received first aid in a medical facility.

Specialist Dr. Ellen Stein from Johns Hopkins University Hospital explains what happens to our body in such a situation.

Stein says colonic strike leads to death.

“The human body can refuse to release the colon, but up to a certain point. The longer it is held, the tighter and harder it becomes in the colon. Even if you squeeze, leaks can occur in the system. After a serious stay, one begins to experience excruciating pain in the rectum, caused precisely by the contents being pressed in. It also continues to destroy very delicate anal tissue. Once wounds begin to open, the sensation is similar to a paper cut.

In addition, a clogged rectum disrupts proper blood circulation and this over time leads to complications. Over time, the rectum can become blocked due to overfilling.

According to the specialist, recovery for a person after such an injury lasts more than a month./

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