Krum Savov: I got rid of gout with homeopathy in less than a month!

The famous sports journalist Krum Savov was born on June 14, 1960 in Breznik. His career spans through Naroden Sport, BNT, Nova TV, Diema, Kanal 3, LiveMedia internet media. Since February 2014, he heads the sports editorial department of bTV. Krum Savov talks about his healthy lifestyle in an interview specially for MyClinic.

– Mr. Savov, are you healthy and what do you do to be in good health?

– A person is only as healthy as fate, age and other circumstances allow. I do what is up to me. I have long-standing habits and a lifestyle that I don’t change drastically, and that’s how I feel. The most important are nutrition and sports. I’m not extreme, but I don’t eat bread, I don’t eat a lot of sweets and I try to have dinner at least 3-4 hours before bed. I avoid carbs because I have read that they are more dangerous than fat.

– What is your weekly exercise regime?

– I do sports every day – be it football, tennis, fitness. I must have at least one hour of physical activity. Even if sometimes I don’t have enough time, I have dumbbells at home and use them to get the appropriate dose of physical activity.

– At one time you were a little fatter. How did you get back to normal weight?

– They were only 4-5 extra kilograms and I didn’t feel that I had gained weight. But when I realized it, I got rid of those pounds by pulling dinner earlier. It used to happen that I sometimes stuffed myself with food before going to bed. More recently, I have also been using another method – I drink a lot of water. They convinced me that from 300 ml a day I should bring up to 2-3 liters of water. For several months I have been struggling and forcing myself to drink more water.

– Is the water you drink clean?

– I don’t go to fill up from springs. I buy mineral, table and spring water from the supermarket and try to make it different every time.

– Are you taking any medication?

– No. For 2-3 years I have been won over to the cause of homeopathy. It helps me with colds, runny noses, skin diseases, even physical injuries – muscle strains. As a matter of fact, homeopathic medicines have a great effect. I had gout that got better without diets, just homeopathy. They say that there is no cure for gout. But homeopathy worked for me and I have no problem now. And before I couldn’t even curl my legs. Friends referred me to Dr. Vankov, who had helped several people before me. I joined this treatment, then recommended it to at least 4-5 friends and it works for them too. There is an opinion that homeopathy has a placebo effect, that improvement is a matter of suggestion. Excuse me, but can I suggest to myself that it hurts like hell, and then not hurt?! I treat my children with homeopathy. And you cannot suggest to a child that it is better if it is not really so. My wife is a pharmacist and she approached it with disbelief. But she is already enjoying the benefits of homeopathy. We are mostly treated with drops. We go to the doctor and he gives us some bottles of solutions.

– How long have you struggled with gout?

– I struggled for at least a year without knowing that I actually had gout. When I played sports, my feet kept hurting. I thought it was from Dustabana. Then he hit me in the thumb and I was diagnosed. The pain spread from the toes and feet to the knees. I couldn’t move

I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning

So, for at least two years, I struggled and wondered what to do to get better – with diet or with drugs. Fortunately, I found a homeopath and in less than a month with this treatment I was pain free. My uric acid is within normal limits. I eat absolutely all kinds of meat and other things that are contraindicated for gout, but I have no problems. Another feature of homeopathy is that it affects the whole organism, not just the individual health problem. It also affects other chronic or acute diseases. Along with one, the other is also affected.

– I wonder how your wife, as a professional pharmacist, overcame the mistrust of homeopathic medicines?

– Well, by using homeopathic remedies for her problems and they helped her. Now we use them very often, especially prophylactically for pre-influenza conditions. Thus, in 85% of cases, we prevent viral diseases.

– Do you go for preventive examinations?

– Not very often, but I still do blood tests. It happens to me once every year and a half.

– Have you encountered our healthcare system and are you satisfied with it?

– For better or for worse, I am recognized because of the nature of my profession, I also have a lot of contacts, so doors open more easily for me. My wife’s contacts also help. I am really satisfied with my personal doctor and the children’s doctor, with the homeopath Dr. Vankov and with Dr. Hinkov from the “Lozenets” hospital, who generally monitors my condition. I also communicate with many sports traumatologists because injuries go hand in hand with active sports. Wherever I have asked for help and assistance, I have received it. But I am not the typical Bulgarian patient, I have an unsought advantage and things happen to me more easily. Otherwise, I have information and observations that

the healthcare system is a disaster

She’s just desperate. The only way something good will happen to you is either with connections, contacts and money, or only with money. In the standard way, it is a lost cause, without specifically referring to whether it is the fault of doctors, of management, of funding. After all, I lived and was treated during the time of socialism. You can criticize that time for everything, but at least healthcare was within some normal framework.

– What would you say to people who don’t do sports?

– Without being a professional player, I was still actively involved in football, reaching semi-professional levels. Tennis became my hobby. Daily sports are a necessity for me, I can’t live without them. Neither appetite, nor sleep, nor my physical condition is adequate without sports. If we look more globally, sports influence the structure of the body, build character, mentality, discipline. For children, sport is especially useful – it engages them in a different direction from computers, electronic games, television, and also from cigarettes, alcohol, drugs. And if, God willing, a person has talent, he can become an athlete, go to another dimension and become like Grigor Dimitrov, Dimitar Berbatov or Kubrat Pulev.

– Are your twins training yet?

– They are 8 years old. I chose the right moment and had them train in two main sports – for my son gymnastics and tennis, for my daughter – rhythmic gymnastics and tennis. They are already going to competitions. I don’t push them, of course, because it can have the opposite effect. They went swimming, but at one point they didn’t like something and said “no”. I stopped them and did not force them to continue.

– Are twins difficult to raise?

– The first two years are the hardest thing in the world. And then it’s the cutest, funniest thing ever. Growing up with twins, especially twins, gave me a view of life and the world that I can’t even see in the movies. It is a building of mentality, character and feeling for both sexes. I see with my own eyes how different human beings are formed, although they are born and raised in the same environment. It’s a unique experience.


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