Katy Perry has sold her villa in Los Angeles! Here’s what luxury the new owner will enjoy for the modest sum of $9.1 million (PHOTOS)

American singer Katy Perry has finally found a buyer for her Los Angeles mansion. For nearly 2 years, the singer has been looking for someone to sell her extravagant, like herself, house of 700 square meters.

The gorgeous property is located in the Hollywood Hills.

The villa has four bedrooms, four bathrooms and two separate toilets.

The yard is lined with stones.

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The estate also has a spa and a huge terrace overlooking the garden and a pizza oven.

The house also has a huge swimming pool, a spa, gardens, a gym and a large living room.

And the huge open kitchen is able to accommodate many guests.

The building is in the Spanish style by order of the previous owner.

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On its territory there is also a guard house and a two-story building for guests.

Katie bought the house in 2013. Her style perfectly suits the character of the 34-year-old singer.

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The new owner of the mansion is restaurateur Michael Chow. He counted 9.1 million dollars for the luxury property. With the money, Katie plans to arrange her new home, where she will live with her fiance, the actor Orlando Bloom. The two are planning a lavish wedding at Cinderella’s castle in Disneyland./jenata.

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