IT specialist built his dream home from YouTube clips PHOTOS

A British man built his dream house based on knowledge gained from YouTube videos. According to the “Daily Mail”, before starting construction, Graham Harley had no experience and worked as an IT specialist.

51-year-old Harley says that over the years he has acquired a bunch of skills on his own. In order to build his house without anyone’s help, he had to study a huge number of topics, starting with how to properly plaster the walls and ending with the intricacies of the roof.

“Once I knew everything was up to par (with the property), I went for it. It was long and hard work. I read about some things in books and on the Internet. I knew what I wanted to do and I just did it,” Graham says.

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“I had a guy who helped me with the materials. The place was also very cheap,” he adds.

“My family supported me a lot. I worked as long as the light allowed. Everything took longer because I was studying,” says the Briton.

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The idea to build his own house came to him after a builder joked that anyone could build their own home. And so in 2008 he began his epic project.

First he tore down the old bungalow that was on the lot, then he got to work using YouTube tutorials.

During construction, he and his wife lived in a caravan. And in 2012, their daughter was born.

Graham adds that it took about 10 years to build his house.

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At one point, he even had to quit his job to speed up the process of building his home.

In 2018, his efforts were crowned with success. The house, which he built with his own hands, has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a dining room, and in the outbuildings he made a gym and a room for watching TV.

“At first I didn’t think anything would happen.

Graham just said he would – he thought it would take 18 months!

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We couldn’t afford to pay someone to build what Graham did. I’m so proud of him,” said his wife, Mandy.

“One day a building inspector came to look at the garage floor. And he said to me: “You’re not a builder, are you?”.

“I immediately thought that I didn’t do something right, and he replied that he came to this conclusion because everything was perfect,” the Briton said.

In total, Harley spent £140,000 on building his new home.

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A similar property in the UK is valued at around £450,000.

Although pleased with the result, Graham is not sure he will repeat his feat. /jenata.

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