Is it okay to pay for tests before I enter a medical facility?

I would like to ask if the NHIF pays for the tests for ANA screening, IIF, anti-CCP and rheumatoid factor, as well as joint ultrasound? These have been prescribed to me, as I am about to be admitted to a rheumatology department. Do these tests go through a clinical pathway and why does the health facility require me to pay for them before I enter the hospital?

Milka Vasileva, Silistra

All necessary tests are carried out within the clinical pathway, which is paid for by the NHIF. The general practitioner is not obliged to issue referrals for tests that are requested by the hospital. All necessary tests should be performed in the hospital care facility during hospitalization. Their costs are included in the price of the clinical track.

Hospital care facilities are not allowed to require patients to undergo tests before admission to the hospital. (according to Art. 291 of the National Framework Agreement for Medical Activities for 2020-2022)

If you wish, you can submit a complaint in free text to the regional equal insurance fund with which the medical facility has a contract (RZOK-Sofia, 10 Enos St., entrance B), in which you describe the circumstances of the case and attach the medical documentation, at your disposal for the purpose of verification.

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