Innovative 3D system for prostate and kidney cancer operations

Imagine the difference between a regular movie and a 3D cinema. The image in 3D is much more realistic, detailed and bright. Now imagine how in the operating room the surgeon has not just an image of the organ, but an HD 3D videoscope for the best possible visualization. This is a reality at “Hill Clinic” – they perform laparoscopic operations on patients with prostate and kidney cancer using the world’s only technique for in-depth perception of anatomical structures.

Thanks to their collaboration with one of the greatest surgeons of our time, Prof. Dr. Jens-Uwe Stolzenburg, the clinic has implemented a latest generation 3D surgical system for laparoscopic interventions.

Until now, doctors reported a number of weaknesses of 3D systems – they had darker images, quickly caused surgeon fatigue, and side views required a complete rotation of the scope, leading to visual paradoxes.

Prof. Stolzenburg and the team of urologists at “Hill Clinic” removed the prostate tumor of a 66-year-old patient in record time

The new ENDOEYE FLEX 3D Videoscope overcomes these weaknesses and gives a bright, natural 3D image with up to 100° panorama in all directions. Thus, the urologist can see the entire peritoneal cavity and perform the operation with significantly greater certainty and accuracy. The design of the lens is essential for a sense of depth that comes as close as possible to what is natural to the human eye. With a depth of field of 18 to 100 mm, ENDOEYE FLEX 3D eliminates the need for manual focus adjustment.

The innovative technology provides a number of advantages in terms of the speed of the operation and the accuracy of the surgical intervention, which are key to the successful treatment of cancer patients. Prostate cancer surgery often affects nerve structures responsible for voluntary retention of urine, and patients have experienced leakage. With the laparoscopic method, this risk is completely eliminated. The new system gives clockwork precision and patients retain both their continence and their potency.

“Hill Clinic” is a hospital of a new type, which combines the experience of internationally recognized experts, trained Bulgarian doctors, a highly qualified team of anesthesiologists, nurses, support staff and indeed the latest achievements of medical technology. There is already an innovative method of treatment for Bulgarian cancer patients.

At “Hill Clinic” consultation with a urologist for patients with prostate or kidney cancer is FREE.

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