If you suffer from gluten intolerance, these are the first signs

Surely you have heard more than once about gluten intolerance and its “terrible” effects. But is it really as scary as it says? Let’s see what gluten is and whether it is worth fearing it.

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Gluten is a complex protein found in some cereals and not only. Its effect on the human body is very unclear and largely depends on personal intolerance, which is often hereditary. It happens that people use products containing gluten for years without even knowing what problems it brings to their bodies.

Gluten intolerance

It is also called celiac disease. This problem occurs for various reasons. Most often it is hereditary sensitivity to certain products, but sometimes there is a hypersensitivity to gluten that lasts only for a while. In such cases, it helps to temporarily refuse products that have gluten.

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The most obvious sign is itching and peeling of the skin, as well as brittle nails. These are the symptoms of gluten sensitivity that you notice first.

Hormonal disturbances, which are manifested in a disturbed menstrual cycle in women, weakness and pain.

Problems with concentration, insomnia and headaches. Too many things in our body depend on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and gluten mainly affects it.

Deterioration of teeth and persistent mouth sores are also important symptoms to look out for.

If you find that you have similar symptoms, be sure to consult your doctor and pass all the necessary tests to detect this intolerance. Since the signs of gluten intolerance are common to other diseases, don’t eliminate gluten from your diet unless you know exactly what the problem is.

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If you exclude gluten from the menu, problems such as disturbed sleep and digestion can occur. Many people who want to lose weight exclude gluten from their menu. However, this restriction has little effect on weight loss.

If it turns out that you are truly intolerant to gluten, you will need a list of products that contain it.

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Gluten is contained in most types of bread, as well as in biscuits and various types of baked goods. Don’t forget to also consider macaroni, couscous and crackers.


Better avoid products with barley.


Oatmeal also needs to be used with caution. Although oats themselves do not contain gluten, some celiac patients also cannot tolerate them.

Diagnosing gluten intolerance is mandatory, as its long-term use can lead to fatal consequences. Not to mention that you will feel daily discomfort.

Not only gluten, but also other foods can negatively affect the condition of your skin. Be careful when making the menu for yourself and your family./zdrave.to

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