Hundreds of people suffered terribly because of crazy Sandra, who organized five weddings, changed 13 dresses and splashed 70 grand

There is hardly a woman who, when she was a little girl, did not imagine her perfect wedding day. Undoubtedly, every lady dreams that her wedding will be perfect, that everything will be like a fairy tale, and that she and her future husband will be unearthly beautiful. Of course, the celebration and entertainment of the guests is also important.

Well, it turns out that’s not exactly the story of Nigerian Sandra Igwe, the self-proclaimed “craziest bride”.

Her boyfriend proposed to her, and she gave him the condition that it would happen if they had five wedding parties. And so it happened – Sandra changed 13 dresses, and her partner lost as much as 70,000 pounds.

Their first wedding celebration, and the biggest, was in her father’s village in Lagos, Nigeria. For her guests to be there, they all had to pay nearly £2,500 out of their own pockets.

“I told them – take out loans if you don’t have the money. You have to be there or you don’t respect me. You will have to pay for your plane tickets as well as your overnight stays at the hotel where we will be celebrating. Of course they came because otherwise they would have suffered badly. I don’t care at all whether they could afford them or not. This is my day. They are obliged to respect me and celebrate with me”, says Sandra.

But it wasn’t just her friends who took out credit. Her groom, who took out a loan himself to please his wife, is also in serious debt.

Sandra changed as many as 13 dresses during the celebrations. She made all 13 of her bridesmaids wear certain dresses and high heels at all times.

“She was 4 hours late for one of the celebrations. And I was wearing heels. I had never worn high heels in my life and now I spent hours in them – my feet swelled up and started to drain and turn red, but she said she didn’t care and I had to look the way she wanted because that it’s her day,” shared Sandra’s sister, who was one of her bridesmaids, through tears.

The other three celebrations were also in Nigeria, but in other cities. Her last wedding celebration was in an expensive hotel in London.

“It was a nightmare. Not only did we shell out crazy money to go to her wedding, but she ended up kicking us off the dance floor and out of general photos,” say most of her guests.

“It’s normal to kick them off the dance floor. I wanted the center of everything to be me, well, and my husband. And there is an explanation for the photos – I had told them that everyone should be dressed in blue and silver, and those who did not comply with the colors endangered everything. That’s why I didn’t let them take a picture with us”, says the bride.

She also says that she had serious arguments with the photographer and cameraman who were supposed to do her photo shoot.

“I was furious. The tide of the sea was very strong. I didn’t mean it that way. and they had the audacity to tell me it was my fault because I was five hours late for the shoot. I was late because I had to have a nice hair and makeup. What do they want? I kicked them out. And yet I had the perfect wedding”, says Sandra at the end, who is not without reason declared the craziest bride. / jenata.

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