How to start training?

Very often we promise ourselves that from the new year, from the beginning of the month or after the holiday we will start training. But something is stopping us, isn’t it? We make excuses that we don’t have enough time now and we know that the result will come slowly, and we don’t want to wait. We say to ourselves: “A few more days and we’ll start!”. But it never happens.

There is no right time for regimen and workouts. The earlier the better. One of my favorite quotes is “Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to achieve it. Time flies anyway.”, Earl Niltingale.

Only if you spend 1 hour every other day to take care of your body, the result will come. I guarantee. It is important to always be motivated and know why we are doing it. Sport is not only a means to look good, it is HEALTH! People who exercise are more active throughout the day. I say this from personal experience! We can work harder, live more fully, fall asleep faster and feel better in our skin in general. Therefore, if a person does not take care of himself, it shows how organized and disciplined he is in life.

It’s the same with food. We allow ourselves things that are harmful to us and justify ourselves with the fact that “we only live one life.” Yes, but this life can be more than eating and drinking in abundance. Do you want a longer day, more play with your child, more walks with your girlfriend, more experiences? I would choose that lifestyle. So it’s time to start training. Now!

Richard Velichkov

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