How to deal with the banal headache

Very often, headaches are the result of diseases of the neck and shoulders, which is due to three types of diseases with the same syndromes.

Arthritic changes in the cervical vertebrae (cervicoarthrosis) develop very slowly and almost unnoticed. The following can be mentioned as the causative factors of the spine: age, trauma, endocrine disorders, infections, etc. Intervertebral discs, joints and ligaments begin to wear out

in adulthood – the time of the greatest labor tension

Spikes are much more common in people who have a forced posture of the head and neck and need to move their head sharply and suddenly.

If the head is in an uncomfortable position during sleep, neck muscles may become stretched (seizure). After getting out of bed, a person feels his neck twisted, difficult to move, with strong or dull pains.

The third disease is periarthritis of the shoulder. It is a consequence of professional or household overloads of the upper limbs. Cold diseases, the impact of air currents and air conditioners have an influence. The symptoms are pain of varying intensity and consistency, muscle weakness, limitations in range of motion, sometimes muscle hypotrophy.

Treatment of these symptoms usually begins in neurological or orthopedic offices with

prescribing countless drugs without much effect

Very good results are obtained with the application of specially developed complex treatment and recovery programs based on the latest trends in alternative medicine and the latest achievements of medical technology in the field of physiotherapy. These include kinesitherapeutic and physical methods, manual and aromatherapy, acupuncture, zone therapy and auriculotherapy, chiropractic and self-adjusting Japanese gymnastics, cryotherapy and magnetic therapy. Special gymnastics at home is also recommended – a complex of exercises for the prevention and treatment of these diseases.

Excursions in the fresh air, hiking and appropriate sports are included

As a result of all this, greater motor activity, pain relief is achieved in a short time, degenerative processes are stopped and tissue regeneration is stimulated, brain functions are normalized.

Dr. Nikolay KOLEV

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